Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jane Dough's Coconut French Toast / Making an Ordinary Morning, a Little Less Ordinary

When a free Morning presents itself...I take full advantage of stepping away from the 'usual'. I  look for things to enjoy that make the day just a little bit more special. This Morning for Breakfast I reached for a Coconut that I had sitting in my fruit bowl...... and made really lovely Coconut French Toast... for a Breakfast in bed treat....  Here is what I did... ( Super easy btw.... I was out the door to my day in no time)

What you will need:

A Coconut ( Yes, one of those hairy, crazy looking things... haaa..haa.. . )
2 Eggs ( or 4 Eggs if you are cooking for more than two people)
1 teaspoon Stevia (to enhance the sweetness of the Coconut) ( 2 tsp. if you are cooking for more than two people)
4 Slices of Bread ( I used Bakery Sourdough Bread) ( Use more Bread if you are cooking for more than two people) 

Find the "bowling ball'  markings on your fresh Coconut ... one of the markings should feel 'softer' than the other two markings. I 'drilled' a hole in the softer marking with my Wine corkscrew. Then, I made the hole more pronounced with a skewer. Drain the Coconut juice thru this hole into a medium sized Pyrex cup. Once drained, Strain the juice into a shallow bowl by pouring the Coconut juice thru a cloth. Discard any sediment you may have strained away.

 To split my Coconut in half ( and don't laugh- it worked like a charm  :P ) I took the Coconut outside and slammed it right off the sidewalk, as if bouncing a ball.  ( I kid you not)
With a small knife, I  removed the white Coconut pulp and placed some of it in my little food processor , processing to a fine texture.
I then added the processed pulp to the Coconut Juice in my shallow bowl.  ( I was able to remove  some of the juice and pulp to freeze for another Morning, since I am cooking for two.  When I removed the excess juice and pulp, I had approximately 1 cup of juice and pulp left in the shallow bowl) ( If you are cooking for more than two people, then go ahead and use all of the juice and pulp.
I then added the Stevia, and beat the Eggs, into the Coconut 
Juice / Pulp Mixture.

 Lightly grease your skillet and fry at moderate heat, as you normally would fry French Toast.
I warmed up Orange Marmalade and drizzled it on the French Toast in lieu of syrup... So good!!
 I hope you will give it a try ...for a bit of a different spin on French Toast... making an ordinary Morning a little less ordinary.. :)

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