Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Could Give You Wings


There can be so many trials and inequities in our World today... it is sometimes not difficult to feel downtrodden or overwhelmed by circumstances we encounter in our day to day living. I was thinking about my own personal desire to lift up the spirits of others.. Even in a small way... I am happy and contented knowing that a tiny act, or a single word by me can bring comfort, joy or hope to someone else along life's path.

I Could Give You Wings    

Take hold downtrodden Spirit
And once set free
I could give you Wings
To go, to do all you are meant to Be.  

Take all tenacious Promise
And soothe cross winds
I could give you Wings
To have, to hold as a healed Soul ascends.  

Take hold heightened Sense
And share inspired View
I could give you Wings
To see, to feel, borne of days we Live anew.  

Take my Heart
Take my Hand
Take all our Possibility
When clouds have cleared and we take Flight
Away from hindrance and hostility
I could give you Wings
And in our every act we will See
The reality that when we Save each other
Lifting you is lifting me.

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