Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feeding Your Baby the Greene Way

There is no mistake about how I spelled 'Greene' in my title. This is a post that was inspired by a book that my Daughter purchased when she became a new Mother. More than 2 years ago my twin Grandsons were born, and my Daughter, Aubrey, wanted to get her babies on the right nutritional path. So, she purchased a book written by Pediatrician, Dr Alan Greene, called Feeding Baby Green.  

More on Dr. Greene and his impressive efforts on behalf of baby wellness here:

Aubrey, and her Husband Eric,  used this book as the inspiration to feed Jude and Graham only Fresh Fruits, Vegetables ... start them early on the right path to lifelong good nutrition and health. As their Grammy, and as a Nurse, I was thrilled to be a small part of helping to meet their nutritional needs. The following are just a few ideas, tips on what we did to prepare and store wholesome meals for our precious boys.

One of the best ways to prepare the Fruits and Vegetables for puree is to just simply roast them. Generally at 350' for about 10-15 min., depending on how powerful your oven is.

The fruit is adequately roasted when they become fork tender.

Simply toss the fruit into your food processor and puree....
Avocado lends itself to puree even without pre-cooking.. simply peel and toss into the food processor for  wonderfully creamy baby food.

Steaming Apples, Green Beans, Carrots, Sweet Potato on stovetop also is a great method to ready for  puree. I can say that I had a lot of fun coming up with interesting baby food combinations to make mealtime fun for our boys. Once pureed, you can freeze your baby food, then thaw, and keep in the refrigerator on the day you are ready to feed your baby.  

No matter how you decide to prepare your Baby food, this is a marvelous way to get your Child's nutrition and healthy eating habits off to a great start....

If you are a new Mom or Dad and looking for a healthful way to feed your baby...keep it Green... and consider checking out Dr. Greene's wonderful guidance... A caveat : always check with your personal Pediatrician and discuss plans for dietary changes for your baby, ensuring safe and timely advancement of your baby's dietary needs.

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