Saturday, August 17, 2013

No Matter the Season

I found myself outside walking, reflecting on the cyclic nature of the seasons... thinking about how despite the necessity and inevitability of the more 'barren' seasons... We are always lead back to renewed growth and joyous abundance. Hold fast that thought when you think you are falling or left out in the cold... I wrote this poem with that hope in mind....
No Matter The Season
Fertile trees and budding leaves welcome bees and their nurturing hum                    

When blossoms break and fragrance make, success has surely come.

Garbed trees and tender leaves burst handily toward  the sun                         

When forest’s offspring are fashioned full, Earth’s master plan is won.

Shivering  trees  and falling leaves call an end to days of green                                                 

Though branches naked reach the sky,  what will be,  is what has been.  

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