Monday, July 29, 2013

Up On The Roof

In recent months my Husband and I had been hearing occasional scratching sounds on the roof of our home. Our community is in a more rural locale and with that comes a greater number of predatory birds. So, we thought it had to be an occasional Turkey Vulture or Hawk sitting on the roof. Surely watching for what little field prey there is, in the area, to scamper by. Or, just as bad, watching out for the small birds who come to our bird feeder. We very much enjoy having the birds come to our yard and have taken great effort to make our yard feel like safe haven to the smaller birds in the area.  A few times we went outside of our home to investigate the sound and each time there would be no evidence of anything on our roof. I know... cue the men in the white coats... lol.... Surely there was some explanation for the scratching sounds. :/
One afternoon, I was sitting in my office working, and again the scratching sounds started on the roof. Very pronounced above my head and outside of my office window. Then an odd little call began from the rooftop... unclear whether animal or bird. I thought surely a bird disgruntled about something... Since we have had few wildlife in the area due to the aggressive birds that inhabit the area; it had to be a bird of some sort, with his feathers in a ruffle.
Our cat Cleo, jumped to the window sill and looked outside with me...  and there, sitting on our Queen Palm was a little squirrel.
 An unusual sighting in my area for the years that I have lived here... never a squirrel to be seen.
 upon notice, he looked at me in a rather timid fashion....
He tried the 'maybe if I pretend I'm sleeping she won't see me' ploy... :p
Then suddenly, yet ANOTHER squirrel came out of the tree and called to him to get back into the palm tree! Squirrel wives ARE NOT dissimilar to human wives... who knew?!

They made their way back into the palm tree....
It became apparent that Mr & Mrs Squirrel were not simply visiting,  they had set up housekeeping in the Queen Palm.... and what a brilliant choice w/ palm tree nuts at the ready. :)
Mr. Squirrel mustered up courage to come out of the palm tree...
I guess he figured that if he was to remain a 'tenant' he'd better man up and approach me.
Gradually, he made his way out onto a palm frond that outreaches to my window...
and motioned to me, as if to say..' please let us stay here... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart'.. who could resist his charms?! ... Ok, so.. Squirrel guys ARE NOT  dissimilar to human guys in that regard.... buggers!!
And so they stayed! There was no way that I was not going to let them... I love little creatures! They eventually had a little baby squirrel... and still made their way onto our roof from time to time...
But when the Palm nuts were gone, off they went... guess they decided they needed something more for their growing family... Ok, so... Squirrel couples ARE NOT dissimilar to human couples.... :P

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