Saturday, July 13, 2013


Sometimes it becomes easier to recognize our own thoughts and our own feelings when we face them in the 'mirror' of  someone who is a reflection of us. While that can be a tempestuous experience, it can ultimately be very rewarding. This is a poem that I wrote with that in mind.


Tempest, shrilling, loud and hard
Your primal cries echo familiarly in my soul.
Cut straight through like a mirrored shard,
The rush of pain, and pleasure of a shared sharp scream cuts through me, in a
way that makes me whole. 

Tempest, reigning hard and hot
Pent up emotion opens as a deluge.
A storm of words flashes forth untold thought,
The rush of empathy at our banks whets desire for understanding and

Tempest, flowing bold and true
Psyche no longer damned leads past confusion.
Shared truth binds the soul of me to you,
The rush of silence breaks where fight and flight answers fear and clears

Tempest screams and Tempest runs
With a power that overcomes pain.
Thawing anger warms us like a million suns
And the glow in a once icy mirror reflects a spiritually joyous rain.

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