Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Tree of Life/ The Importance of All

                                                                The Tree of Life
                                                          Is the Tree of Humanity.
                                                   All people are bound together
                                                By the simple outreach of branches.
                                           What affects an individual branch of the tree, 
                                  Affects the health and well-being of the tree as a whole.
                                   Respect and Protect All... no matter their cycle of living.
                                                                     Like leaves,
                                                               Some sprout new,
                                                                      and tender.
                                                              Some grow strong,
                                                                     and green.
                                                               Some grow aged,
                                                                    and golden.
                                                              Some have fallen,
                                                           and carry forth a promise.
                                                  All are important to the tree of Life.
                     Without the nourishment of the aged and fallen,
                                                                   the new and young
                                                                                  will never

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