Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hybrid Harmony

Recently, I was reading about the Cycles of Civilization as envisioned many, many years ago by preeminent, Sociologist, Pitirim Sorokin.  How better the world, if we could temper what we do to advance society with science and technology, with a keener eye on our spiritual footprints. Both so important to the legacy that we are leaving to our future generations. The following is a supplicant poem, of hope, for a time that we might live with the harmony of  our empirical pursuits, married with reason and faith.  Idealistic, yes... but why ever not?

                                                              Hybrid Harmony

Through Hemera's eyes flows a faithful 'soul' light
Alighting the darkened harbor of empirical ways.
Enlightenment is shed on those who take to sensate flight.
There, askew senses, balanced with reason, avert an ill-conceived gaze.

Metis speaks to all ears, of reason and of truth.
Ways and means flow and the misguided reign of Prometheus it upends.
Spirit and Science wake and synthesize to holistic youth.
A river of hybrid harmony taxes the trick of dominance to a bankrupt end.

So swings the pendulum and cuts the bulwark of a singular view.
When Hemera like a faithful candle burns, and Metis stokes an ardent, mindful flame
Intelligence tempered clear by faith sets the course anew.
To a world where awakened souls carry forward and share gifts from where they came.

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