Sunday, January 6, 2013

Where Moments Lead Me

I take walks outdoors very frequently. And more often than not, I see butterflies on the flowers and shrubs. Recently, I was thinking about The Butterfly Effect and how that applies to the grand scheme of things, as well as how it relates to myself. In Chaos theory, The Butterfly Effect is the sensitive dependence on an initial condition, or event ; a small change at one place in time can result in large differences at a later state, or later time. I like to think that, for me, what will happen in time will be driven by my own desires, thoughts and insight. Being at the mercy of any single event is not an option I can accept. I cannot harness the passage of moments, but I can control what I do with those moments.

Where Moments Lead Me

My winged will, by gales of uncertainty, faltered.
The outstretched hand of time revealed what was to come.
Though timely Kronos could not upend what a moment altered,
Forthcoming winds were diverted and so ceased their chaotic hum.

The crown of a monarch's path had failed to lift me.
But at the summit of an eternal flame I healed my broken wings.
Heated desire became the pillar for being set free.
With the blush and flutter of an unfettered butterfly, my heart sings.

Onward past the remnants of time behind me.
Forward down the path carved, certain and still.
Hope is serenely alive, in what my outcomes can be.
Insightful moments lead me, where fleeting events never will.

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