Monday, November 5, 2012

Kant's Horizon

Putting on my Buster Browns and heading down the lane.
Untying, buckles flying.
Only ponies on which I am vying,
know the miles I'm bound to gain.
This, a journey unto myself,
on which I steadfastly will stay. 
Where grows my moral virtue
and happiness has it's day.

Riding away from the house of dolls and taking freedom's hand.
Going, not playing,
This child is not staying,
bounded by a band.
I am dancing off to Kant's horizon
with a metaphysical eye.  
There I embrace the thrust of time's clock,   
as it's ticking by and by.

Flying off to a rational nest,
where imperative sets me free.
Song singing, this bird's winging,
An a priori trip is ringing. 
No empirical flight of ideas for me.
Duty's call, calls to me.
It leads me knowingly within.
In the glow of rational thinking,
the light of virtue does begin.
Taking off the make up, the mask of who I am not.
Self knowing, well being growing.
In touch with the warm and glowing
feelings I have sought.
So goes and grows the child.
from the root within my soul.
Nourished and whole by self efficacy,
where doubt can play no role.
More than the way, the journey or place,
I am the face I present and my Self that I face.
Unbound and unfettered by societies plans for me.
Down the lane to Kant's Horizon
Where I am all I can be.

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