Sunday, November 25, 2012

Going Against the Stream

When I attended Nursing School years ago, I worked in a retail job. I earned enough money to keep gas in my car and pay for sundries. In short, very little.

Back in the day,  I recall removing tickets from the garments that the store 'Buyers' had purchased for resale in the store. For those of you not familiar with the workings of retail stores, the 'Buyers' are the people who obtain the merchandise for the store to sell. Each garment might have been purchased for a few dollars... I'm talking 2 or 3 dollars per garment. Seriously, 2 or 3 dollars for each item to be sold. We would then place new sales tickets on the items, and mark up the same garments to retail prices as you and I know when we shop. A HUGE mark up. So, knowing this, and seeing the recent reports in the news about Walmart workers, particularly resonates. 

Profit margins of Big Box retailers are HUGE.  And there is no reason for Big Box retail stores to exploit their workers; paying them a pittance, stiffing them on adequate benefits, while CEOs line their pockets with the lion's share of the profits.

I'm not posting to bore you with retail stats and the like. The point of my post is simply: This is just one more example of the 'Haves' getting what they have on the backs of the 'HaveNots'.  It's a vicious cycle really... the more people purchase from them, the more potent they become as the 'Haves' , and better positioned at keeping others as the 'HaveNots.'

Whenever you can, I implore you to consider going to your small town stores, Mom and Pop restaurants, shop small Indie businesses online for your needs. While it is enticing to pay lower prices at the Big Box stores, ultimately, and please hear me: You will pay more elsewhere to subsidize the public assistance that ill-paid, no or low benefit workers, must obtain to keep themselves afloat. Pay me now or pay me later is the reality, all while allowing the 'Haves' to exploit Free Markets. I'm not saying that positioning for profits is an evil practice. What is evil, is doing so at the expense, and to the unfair detriment of others. It is a moral and ethical abomination. I ask that you join me in 'going against the stream' and support your friends and neighbors in their efforts to make a living. Don't continue to support the efforts of CEOs whose only livelihood they care about is their own.

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