Saturday, October 6, 2012

Truth Will Find It's Way

Finding Truth as a solo pursuit
My Truth need find it's way.
Where answers flow for me alone
and other Truths stand at bay.

It is there I grow in a life
that leads me my own way.
It is there that I speak what I think and feel
and fulfill my Journey's new day.

One day my Soul will find you.
when Truth blinks it's yearning eye.
With a yes to Happiness at Truth's crossing
alone will be left with a knowing goodbye.

It is there that kindred Truth will move forward
to a place where two Souls become one.
It is there fulfilled paths lead to each other
where mated Souls,  to each other run.

With an eye for the Truth in each other,
Where insightful eyes see the view,
It is there your Truth,  will flow with me
And there my Truth, will flow with  you.

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