Monday, September 3, 2012

If In Doubt, Don't

This poem relates to a rule that I have applied along my life's path, if you will-- If in Doubt, Dont. This rule, when I have stayed true to it, has served me well over the years. I did, however, break this rule in an 'eleventh hour' decision years ago, and I find myself looking to 'right' my path, as a result. What seemed difficult in the past, will be even more difficult now. But it is never too late to be true to myself and my own path. And when I get myself back on the correct path, I will never again disavow those important words. Actually, they are more than words; they are what keep me on the right path.

                                                                  If In Doubt, Don't

If in doubt, don't, was failed just once,
and once was all it took to fail.
Disavowing intuition, throwing caution to the wind,
became a self inflicted wound and betrayal.

Is it blinding of eyes? Or failing to see?
Or is it something that is seen, but ignored?
Circumstances bring with them, a corresponding path.
If I allow doubt to drive, down the wrong path I'm lured.

The answers are found within my own self, 
when I survey facts and impressions at hand.
Weighing the risks, noting the worth
as relates to the path I demand.

Does the head rule the heart? Or the heart rule the head?
Or am I the monarch of both?
It is up to me, if  I am ever in doubt
to resist blindly breaking my oath:

To listen to self,
To never ignore,
To acknowledge, to think, and to see

In doing so, I stay true to my path
and living with doubt I will no longer be.

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