Friday, August 3, 2012

To Brighter Days in Depth

To Brighter Days in Depth

Vela catch the gales
In nebulous times as these
Render the daunting winds useful
Or send them out over the seas.

As my lack of direction pales
To the desire for horizons anew
I trade a false cross, for one to the South
And navigate to that which rings true.  

A true wind tugs at me…….forward
And I tack thru the eye of the storm.
The sand falls tediously long, at time’s bidding.
But through night
 To bright days
In depth
 I transform.

Vela sail through and shine with me. 
Vela, you are me, I am you.
We can be as the light and way should be.
Vela, you and I are what’s true.

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