Monday, August 13, 2012



When altruistic roots take hold
So bursts forth the green.
Of tender leaves on the strength of branches
Supporting life, healthy and pristine.  

Trees matter to me.
And I will grow in the forest every day.
Forsaking the enmity of society's faux green answer.
Life bought and sold to bidders of cancer and decay.

Let me be green to the ways of the fiscally damned.
And enriched within my heart, my mind and soul.
Lost not within the forest.
But, as a tree, found;  tall, green, spiritual and whole.


Teresa Rusk said...

Beautiful! You truly have a way with words. They touch the soul, enlighten the mind, and makes one feel at peace. Thank you for sharing your gift. ♥

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Teresa. People like you keep me going.... :)


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