Friday, August 24, 2012

A Loving Little Soul

A long night last night. My oldest cat, Hera, passed away after a long illness. A gastrointestinal disorder that made it hard for her to eat and digest properly at times. But I managed to keep her going for quite some time with proper diet and steroids. The Veterinarian and I brought her out of Renal failure and hypothyroidism last year; but this bout was just too much for her. She lived a happy 15 years and I am much relieved that she was able to pass on at home, surrounded by the kind of love that she has shown all these years. Hera was a loving soul and there will be so much to miss about her. But with the missing, there will be the memories that will bring comfort and smiles as well. The way she hugged me around my neck and nuzzled in my hair when I held her; watched chick flicks with me; sat at the island in the kitchen and watched me bake; 'window yelled' at the birds at the feeder in the yard...She was an integral part of my life and I am grateful to have known such a little cat with such huge heart and soul.  

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Teresa Rusk said...

I'm so sorry about your beloved cat. I've been through this many times with our dogs over the years and it never gets easier. She is happily now at the Rainbow Bridge doing fun cat things and no longer suffering. She was lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family and you were equally blessed to have her. ♥


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