Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Broken Bridge

The love of living life is so essential to the health and endurance of our relationship with ourself and with others.  When we close off the bridge that links us to life, we essentially close off  the bridge that leads us to love. Sometimes irreparably so. Embrace and love life, and in doing so, you embrace yourself and others with love.  

Broken Bridge

An indifference to life
Is a betrayal to self, and difficult to mend.
An indifference to love
Is a betrayal to another, and it can begin love’s end.
The bridge that links heart and spirit;
May no longer be faithfully crossed.
The values that  once linked their shores
May become forever lost.
The lingering scream, and unabated fear
Can become the wall that divides.
There may be no remedial word or tear
That could restore what one cannot abide.
The effects of healing efforts,
 Whether lengthy or sincere,  
May be woefully lost in the emotional  stream
of a lover no longer here.

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