Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rising to Aspirations

I wrote this poem on one of those days, when I woke up and began the tasks of my day, my activities of daily living, or ADLs, with a nagging question. Throughout my day, that little voice in my head kept asking 'To what end?' Particularly as I get older, I find myself asking that question more and more.

It seems there is no greater day planner, than time itself. As time ticks away, it becomes more crucial, I become more wanting, of life experiences that fulfill me as a person in a different way. I'm more keenly aware of my mortality as I age. And what I want to do throughout my day is so very different from what I desired when I was younger. In my travels, I once encountered a wise  'owl' who told me that nesting sucks. I remember thinking at the time what an odd thing for someone to say. In retrospect, however, I find those words do become true at some point in our lives.

When we are young, I think we embrace our repetitive activities of daily living more openly, and with good reason. Time is at it's dawn and we are in the mode of finding out about and shaping who we are as people. Our ADLs are the vehicle we use to get to the place where we define who we are in society. The daily, repetitive tasks lead us to our career, our home. Some of us become parents and our ADLs are the enrichment we offer to our children, as we nurture their growth in the world.

At this time in my life, I find that I have defined who I am in society. I have established my home, practiced my career, raised my beautiful Daughter. I feel a need to get off of the ADL treadmill at some point and go down a different path.  The repetitive tasks of the day, will no longer serve a purpose for me. Rather, those tasks feel akin to something that binds me. At some point, for me, it will be time to step away from my career and home activities, and focus on embracing the other things that make up who I am as a person.  We are, importantly, a member of society, a career person, a family member, and homeowner. But we are more than that, and time can and should present us with an opportunity to embrace all that we can be.

Rising To Aspirations 

The sun rises on yet a new day
And I wrap myself in my persona
Dangling this mood from my face like earrings as I  
To cover what may be possible  
And I wrap myself in limitless faith  
Cooking up plans for the sweetest success as I  
Break  fast
From all that would end my actions
And I wrap myself in ambitious quest
Steering away from cannot - to I can-  as I  
To venues yet to be traveled
And I wrap myself in a well laid plan  
Thinking of actions that I need to take as I  
In frenzy for time for other matters  
And I wrap myself in a hastened pace
Running toward my high aspirations as I  
At a happy, inspiring time   
And I wrap myself in a spirit so free
Clearing away stressors that bind me as I
Out clutter from my closeted mind
And I wrap myself in future held goals    
Planning a time to awaken my soul as I    
My mind from all cares and desires
And I wrap myself in a faithful dream  
Hoping the sun rises on yet a new day.  

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