Sunday, April 29, 2012

To My Depths

To my Depths  

Somewhere in the center of conflicting waves of joviality and dread
were enlightened  depths of self realization .
A Tsunami of unrest had churned and surfaced an Id where desire was bred.   

I harbor my conscious need for wide eyed righteousness and hope.
My Island of denial, is now behind me.
In this emotional sea,  I anchor anxiety and float my ability to cope.  

Set free of antithetical suppression,  the depths of my self  I can face.  
With a eye and ear for my spirit,
In my wake, ambiguity gives way; a lighthouse of clarity is what I embrace.   

Drawn to my depths, where my truths wash ashore,
I am the sea and the earth my floor.
I am the breeze and the sky my ceiling.
Now boundless are the depths of all I am feeling.

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