Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She Sits In Wonderment

She sits in wonderment
This girl in me
Watching time tick away,
To a place where clarity is held at bay.    
She runs to the forest
For a moment of zen
Seeking the path to the enlightened when.  
She lies in tall grass
And looks to the sagacious sky
Queries the clouds about all of the whys.
She reaches for the key
To the door from despair
Heads to the precipice of she knows not where.
Past the darkened forest
Through the churning cloud
Over the mountainous edge
Where clarity sings aloud.
Then comes the realization
That there is no other place
For truth and light and courage
Than within her knowing face.
Her mind has tamed the forest,
Her eyes have pierced the cloud,
Her spirit leaps the mountain
Then doubt is disavowed.

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