Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love Has Led Me Home

Love has led me home. 
Though I have never looked upon Love's elusive face
nor heard his silenced name,
He has led me to a new and truer place,
Where joy waits for my awakened aim.  

Love's language of truth has spoken to me
With words my heart can understand and know.
Love illuminates beautifully, all that could be
That could blossom and could grow.

Love's quilt of clarity, should bring comfort to plight,
but simply carries the promise of the unknown.
I face the revelations found in Love's light,
enlightened, but alone.  

Love's presence is not palpable for me
But his essence grows in my soul
No hand in mine, no one tangible to see
But his example of what love should feel like, has lead me to the love in me. 
Love has led me home. 

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