Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Wren

I wrote this poem when I was reflecting on the years that my Daughter was growing up. Particularly when she reached an age when she needed to assert her independence. How difficult for a Parent to step away to a degree and disengage from the mode of wanting to protect and control all of the decision making. It was necessary to allow her to become the strong and independent woman she is today. I am so proud of the woman she has become.  

Little Wren be strong and true
An open wing to soar through blue.
Close not your mind to life’s sweet call
The wind will catch you if you fall.
Take lessons from your fledgling nest
Then live the life that you think best.

1 comment:

Karyna @ Paper Squid said...

Really nice and heartfelt poem. I don't have any children as of yet, but I can only imagine of course how hard it must be to let go that way but still knowing how important it is to be strong and independent in the long run.

very nice.


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