Friday, March 16, 2012

My Garden Creed

I wrote this poem last year, when I was considering how we are largely responsible for the emotional climate in which we live our lives.  Both good and bad. I recently thought of it's relevancy in my life at present. There are certainly forces outside of our personal jurisdiction that we cannot control. But we can control our perception and reaction to those forces. Moreover, giving clear and thoughtful consideration to practical solutions is a duty we have to ourselves. While it can be a comfort to receive input and assistance from others, much of the responsibility to address life's realities, rests with us. Conversely, our solutions for others may not be practical in their reality. It is not always easy to keep a positive outlook and issue a positive response to what we perceive to be negativity. But if we can weather the storms, in a positive and constructive way, better days, and better living will come.

My Garden Creed

Transient is the dark cloud obscuring my path

Like a flower risen in an aftermath.

Sunlight will bathe my efforts ahead.

And comfort come where I rest my head.

I will bloom and grow and flourish instead.

I am the seed, and the soil, the product of my lifetime's toil.

I will bring this blustery storm to a boil.

Shed light on outlooks, cruel and kind.

And ease the blackness clouding my mind.

Away that cold front, and wall of protection.

As life is imperfect in all it's perfection.

With a breath, the winds of change will flow.

And amidst my garden growth I'll know.

With the root of a life and a leaf of faith. There is no other growing my fate.

I am the creator of life's days, foul and fine.

No one's storms to weather but mine. KK

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Maria said...

Poem is so beautiful! And I love what you wrote about how we are responsible for our emotional "situation." I totally agree. It's so easy to play the "blame game," but it ultimately comes down to each individual.


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