Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happier Day with Louie

I was in a bit of a sad mood ... Feeling down,  I decided to go out for a walk. Always makes me feel better. My time outside worked even better than most. I walked by one of the ponds in the front of our community.... and there was a little buddy of mine. A cute little gator,  Louie... who I had thought was lost, or hurt ....or worse. I had not seen him in months at that pond. He always loved to sun himself on the bank. Then suddenly no trace of him.  I was previously fearing that the worst had happened. Every time I drove or walked by and he wasn't there, my heart sank.

I was concerned about his welfare, because there are people who just don't know how to have respect for the rights of wildlife. I have seen evidence of animals being eliminated or removed from their home, because it did not meet the needs of the people living nearby. In my estimation, animals have a right to their own domain, in the wetlands that surround a community. Our community encroached the wetlands, home to many species of wildlife. Not vice versa. And my thought is, if people don't want to deal with wildlife, then they should not build or buy a home in an area that is surrounded by wetlands. But I digress.

Happily, there he was today, swimming around , with his little tail swishing in the pond. He stopped and looked at me for a minute, probably thinking, ' there's that crazy lady with the camera again' , lol. And then he swam on.  No drama. As long as you show respect for the sanctity of an animal's home and right to live there.... there is no worry. And thankfully , no more worry about the well-being of Louie... Happy day...  :)

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