Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cast Away

Cast Away 
Cast away all doubt
That what lies beneath this
Shoreline of flesh and bone
Is a labyrinth of desire
Wishes held at bay
Waiting for the day
To come ashore
And reveal
A tide of

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Special Kind of Wealth

I can go outside..... my house..... away from my 'things',  away from the role I am living in 'society'.  
Let the sun shine on my body and the wind blow through my hair and feel free.

No one can buy that. No one can sell it. It just is.
That is a special kind of wealth. 
Even if sorrowfully transient, it adds value to my being.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

So Sways the Harmony of Us

GardenVibe:  As grass and wildflowers harmoniously sway, so sways the harmony of us; On that lovely day , when your breeze flows with mine.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This River of Life

It has always been my practice to go to nature when I need reflection and a better understanding of myself and this life that surrounds me. I have spent many days hiking trails and taking pictures, writing words, thinking about how I fit in to the grand scheme of things.  The irony is, it is there, in nature, that I fit best. I wrote the following reflecting back on the pictures I took.  

This river of life runs without a ribbon of restraint             
 Surging forward across space and time.
Steadfastly flowing, carving out a pathway

                                                                                A basin forged and thrust forward with exciting abandon.
Life and persona adorned with treasures gathered from nature’s  banks.  
Adulterated, eroding, but enriching existence along it’s watery  way.
At water’s first calm,
a bedrock of character is exposed.

Sunlight reflecting  temperament with crystalline clarity.
A sheath of stillness displaying  pebbles of truth.
Such is my humanity, raw, yet open,  
Exposed to  rapids churning
 with every flow of energy and life force.  
The flow becomes tumultuous with any resistance , rapidly foaming, evading
Indiscriminate in the erosion of landscape that impedes it’s course.
Then water
and breaks into effervescent possibilities.                                 
 Positive, and enriched by an efficacious undertow.

Again,  giving way to the respite of waters deep,
flooding with thoughts and emotion,

carrying me upstream.  

In this way, I am navigating the watery path cut out for me and by me.
I have put to bed the difficult bends of a river spun out of control.
Solace is found in the free flowing splendor of knowing myself.
 Though I know not where I am flowing,

this river of life runs without a ribbon of restraint……


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