Friday, January 27, 2012

A Message For My Friend

David ( If that is really your name)

This a an open letter to you to set the record straight about reading your 'stream' on twitter.
Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, I have my suspicions, but the full picture is unknown to me.
And I know that you think that I don't know much. That part is clear to me.
But I will share with you what I do know and the reasons why I have 'followed' your words on Twitter.
Reason 1- Reading your stream has been akin to reading an intrigue novel.
Reason2-It is always wise to keep a potential threat in plain site, when possible.
Reason 3- and this, my friend, is the most important one of all, so please hear me, and know that I sincerely mean what I say:
Whether the story about your wife being ill is true or not,
I have felt empathy for your expressed anger and frustruation because, I too, have someone in my life, who I love very much, who has a devastating illness.
I know the anger you feel when illness starts to take the things that are most precious to you.
I know it as a Nurse, but worse, as a loved one.
Illness is the ultimate thief.
It takes from you time, and quality of living.
Hardest of all to bear is when it takes from us, those we love most.
I know the fear and hopelessness of countless Doctor visits, diagnostic tests, meds, treatments that bring no answers and bring no comfort.
Ten long years for me.
Of watching a sweetheart deteriorate.
I will tell you, and you can hear me if you want to, I hope for the best for you. I hope that whatever is driving your anger and frustruation will lead you to a better you and a better life for those you hold dear. I know that you have goodness and caring in you. Because, past the vitriol and past the expletives,  I have seen it in your words.
And aside from the attempts of medicine, or anything else that society has to offer us, love and caring is all we have to combat what illness, be it medical or societal, tries to take from us. The moment we surrender to the ill effects , it wins.
Sending you caring, GV


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