Saturday, March 19, 2011

Put a Spring in Your Step and a Spring in Your Faith

Happy Spring everyone! This is a wonderful time of year for me... I think for pretty obvious reasons. The thought of going outside and playing in my Garden is just so exciting to me. That is something that I think began way back when I was a little girl. I loved putting on my nice clean clothes, taking my sparkling 'girly' tea set and play dishes...outside .... to play at making a 'mud' bakery!! That's right! A MUD bakery... lol. My Sister and my Friends and I would mix up a nice big 'batter' of mud and we would proceed to make cakes, pies, cookies....and decorate them with pretty leaves and flowers and all of the loveliness that nature had to offer. Of course, when the 'baking' frenzy was done, WE didn't look so lovely, cause we were covered in mud. :p Our poor Moms....

Another favorite activity of mine, was picking wildflowers like the clover in the above photo. I loved making flower chains. Sitting in the cool green grass and making bracelets and necklaces out of flowers. Hmmm... As I type this, I'm actually seeing that alot of what I love to do is rooted in my childhood and the influence that nature had on me... All of the things I loved to do never really left me I suppose. 

So, for me, there has been much to be gleaned from nature. It has led me to so many wonderful interests... like gardening, cooking and jewelry making. But beyond that, it has also shown me the glory of perseverence in the face of challenge.

Each Spring, I go back to my garden and I trim away the dead leaves and stems that became blighted by the winter elements. And underneath, what looks dead and withered, are tiny sprouts, ...little tender green buds of life, just biding their time for the warmth of the sun to return.  

And THAT too, I have taken with me as I have become an adult. Particularly  in trying times such as these. There is solace for me in the perseverant and simple beauty of nature. No harsh climate will take that from me, be it meteorologic or economic. So, with that said, I've got a Spring in my step, and a Spring in my faith that better times will come. In the meantime, I will be biding my time, and tending to my 'Garden'.  I wish the same for you.......  

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cheeky curves said...

You are very organised, I am still look at the garden, I know I need to get out there to trim all the dead wood. Have a great weekendin


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