Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peeping in... the Joy of all Walks of Life

Hello Dear Friends! Just peeping in to say Hello and Happy Spring! I'm so glad to be emerging from the Winter.... It has been a tough one for sure. I could laundry list my tribulations here.... but won't. The bottom line I will share. And that is at the end of a long Winter, comes the hope
of a new day , a Springtime of a lot of promise for sure!

Keep an eye on my blog this Spring for a look at lovely new items for my Etsy shop that are in the works... I have been working on sweet new items.

I also intend to showcase here, some of the exciting talent that I have come across in my travels. So much diverse talent......

Birds of all different feathers if you will....
I have spent some time, broadening my horizons in the past few months and have met  amazingly creative and inspiring Artists...Phototographers, Painters, Poets, Musicians, the list goes on..... And each a joy to behold in their own special way....

So prepare to be dazzled by their creative charms!

And some lovely new things from yours truly... as we share the joy of all walks of life together!

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