Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a Steam Punk Gardener?!!

Not long ago I received an exciting e-mail from Dave Robertson, Marketing at http://www.rings-things.com/ , a wholesale supplier for Crafts, Crafts and more Crafts!!  I got picked to win an August Blog Partner goodie pack. How cool is that?!! I couldn't wait to see what Dave would send me..... well, yesterday, the mail arrived and with it my goodie pack. I opened it and much to my surprise were Steam Punk findings!! Seriously??! I know Dave follows my Blog, so he knows what I do...I thought at first- my knee jerk reaction was- Dave! Are you serious?!! I'm a garden geek.... a bead lady..... a polymer Artist...... a....  a steam punk garden Artist ?!......I started thinking ( scary I know, LOL...) The ideas began swirling around my head!  I think I can do this !..... What a cool challenge....! This could lead to something really amazing!!... A million thanks Dave for opening the 'Garden' door to something new and exciting! You have sewn the seeds ...... Standby...and let's see what 'grows'....... :)


Bonnie said...

I just recently discovered the term "steampunk" and realize I've been in love with it for a long while not even knowing what it was called. Look forward to seeing what you do with your new treasure!


Audrey said...

Congratulations on your win!
You are so marvelously creative, I can't wait to see what you design with your new goodies!!


GaryRK said...

Maybe you will like steampunk music. http://www.abneypark.com/market/

Angie said...

This is the first time I've heard of the term "steampunk". What does it mean? By the looks of your pictures it looks interesting.

Lesley said...

Lucky you, Kirsten- you will have some fun with this lovely loot!

Kirsten said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments... standby... I will be spending time incorporating these marvelous finds into my work....I'll share the results with you very soon! And thanks again Dave for the impetus for a new and fun direction! :)


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