Monday, September 20, 2010

Flight of Self-Efficacy > And So Too Should We....

In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.  Albert Bandura

My husband and I recently drove to a nearby beach and stayed overnight. Just a little getaway, that proved to be more than just rest and relaxation. It was so healing to me to see the beautiful wildlife thriving and happy on the Gulf of Mexico! The birds were out in full force and put on quite a show.... I especially love the Brown Pelicans. The images of the affected Pelicans, after the oil spill , were a devastation. So to see them flying about, playing and fishing and having fun was wonderful.
I don't kid myself... I know that there were likely many of them who didn't survive the effects of the spill. And shame on the people responsible for that. If they manage to wheezle their way out of taking responsibility here and now.... they will eventually answer for it elsewhere, in a another time..... Call it Heaven, After-Life, Karma.... their negative vibes will reverberate back to them.... someday.  The riches they obtain in this life will never supercede the richness of having a pure and caring spirit.

Nevertheless, these birds are an inspiration to me. They are rising above the 'inevitable obstacles and inequities of life' as Bandura states. They are going on with their lives... working towards their own health and happiness. They are not allowing anyone to take their happiness from them.

It is a lesson well learned...... Of resilience, of self -efficacy, and the will not only to survive, but to thrive! 

Let's all move forward with wings wide open , and dive right into our future.....The Sun might set on them, but they reach out to a new day everyday....and so too should We....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a Steam Punk Gardener?!!

Not long ago I received an exciting e-mail from Dave Robertson, Marketing at , a wholesale supplier for Crafts, Crafts and more Crafts!!  I got picked to win an August Blog Partner goodie pack. How cool is that?!! I couldn't wait to see what Dave would send me..... well, yesterday, the mail arrived and with it my goodie pack. I opened it and much to my surprise were Steam Punk findings!! Seriously??! I know Dave follows my Blog, so he knows what I do...I thought at first- my knee jerk reaction was- Dave! Are you serious?!! I'm a garden geek.... a bead lady..... a polymer Artist...... a....  a steam punk garden Artist ?!......I started thinking ( scary I know, LOL...) The ideas began swirling around my head!  I think I can do this !..... What a cool challenge....! This could lead to something really amazing!!... A million thanks Dave for opening the 'Garden' door to something new and exciting! You have sewn the seeds ...... Standby...and let's see what 'grows'....... :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lines in the Sand

There has been so much turmoil in our world these days. It is difficult to not feel powerless in the grand scheme of things. I read the news and think that the only lines that should be drawn in the sand, save that drawn by the wind and water, is a line that encircles us in unity. Not a line that divides us as citizens of our world.  I respect the right of all people to their own beliefs. All I ask of myself, and of everyone else, is that we consider for ourselves whether our beliefs are leading us to be good people. Are our beliefs respecting the rights of other people? If we can say yes, then what a wonderful things that is! If we cannot say yes, then we need to re-examine what we believe and/or how we are believing it. It isn't rocket science. It is simply a core virtue of Humanity.  As in my photograph, it took more than one ocean wave to carve the beauty into the sand. And so it is with all of us. Let kindness and understanding begin with each and every one of us.....See you on shore..... :) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  Maya Angelou

Recently, on a walk through my community, I discovered a  large number of gorgeous Black Swallowtails. They were enjoying the pollen of the Bottlebrushes planted along the entrance. I often walk with my camera because, where I live,  there is always something wonderful to be seen in the wetlands.  Most of the butterflies were being their elusive selves, as I tried to capture their beauty with my lens. I would tip toe into place to take a picture or pull their image in with my lens.....and off they would the next flower..!!! Bugger! ... But one little butterfly evidently loved the attention and posed for me to my heart's content!

I was not only taken with her beauty, but also with her spirit of adventure in allowing me to photograph her. She didn't seem at all alarmed at how close I had gotten and just hovered in front of my camera, as if encouraging me to photograph her. How thrilling! Not only was she adventurous, but she also remarkably shared the Bottlebrush she was enjoying, with a bee! And I thought, how wonderful to take that lesson with me. And how wonderful to believe that there can be change in our world someday. To believe that a day can come when we can all share this planet we live on with each other, with a sense of adventure, and with civility and respect for the beautiful differences we may have and the common humanity that we share.


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