Sunday, July 4, 2010

Splashing Love All over my Sweetheart/ Jumping into the Emotional Pool

What a wonderful Holiday weekend so far! Yesterday was just what I needed to rest and renew. I started the day by making a lovely brunch for my sweet husband and me. I decided to step outside the box by omitting the usual cinnamon in our French Toast. Instead I added a splash of Orange extract and a couple shakes of ground Cardamom to the egg batter. The resulting spicy and citrus flavor was wonderful.  A splash of Pellegrino in our juice for a little bubble...and we were set! I love to surprise my husband with a special meal or moment that is just for us to enjoy. I know that I tell him that I love him everyday..... but it seems more important to take time like this to show him that my words are for real. Going that little extra mile from the day to day routine makes such a difference in our life together. Saying I love you is the splash. Doing something loving is the 'jump' right into the 'emotional pool' if you will.  I know it is cliche- But I'll say it anyway.... Jump right on in..the water is just fine! :)


trusk4u said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Every couple needs to do this once in awhile, just sit back, enjoy each others company and show each other how much you really care!

Lori's Glassworks said...

I agree, it's the little moments that we remember the most.


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