Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Beautiful Gulf / Learning What Lurks Beneath the Surface

I try not to get political on my blog. Although, I can say quite candidly, that I am a self professed political junkie. I follow the issues very closely and educate myself on the days' matters at hand. I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. Rather, I fancy myself an Independent thinking person. I care about what is going on in the world around me and I make it a point to stay aware of all of the issues that impact me. I do have very strong opinions, and I recognize and respect that others may have their own opinion as well.  

The big issue foremost in my mind these days is the tragedy unfolding in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico. So many questions, and so few answers unfortunately. Like how a company operates a rig and has only one mechanism in place to deal with safety compromise?  No plan B or C at the ready to avert tragedy? No measures in place to institute fast action to minimize the damage? They weren't held accountable to our country in terms of safety mechanisms before being allowed to drill? Why is a cap placed on the amount of monies payable by those at fault? Who foots the bill for the environmental and economic impact, once the cap is met?  It boggles my mind. ....Sorry, the shut off valve jammed, but don't worry, we'll have something else in place in about 90 days. I liken it to me, as a medical person, telling a patient with a gushing hemorrhage- Sorry the bandage didn't work for you..... but don't worry, we'll have other bandages shipped in soon. FAIL.
Or we'll go ahead and do surgery on you, but let's not worry if the surgeon knows what he is doing or has adequate malpractice insurance. Again-FAIL.
Or, we didn't think your loved one would cardiac arrest, so we didn't see the need to have a crash cart or rescue drugs on hand. FAIL.
My heart is really heavy at the thought of what is happening in that gulf and what will be happening for decades to come.

Meanwhile, consider the impact to our wildlife, our gorgeous birds, sea turtles, fish, shell fish, mammals...vegetation...   

The health and beauty of our water and the wildlife that call the gulf home, are being  imperiled.  Is there a need for energy sources? Hell yes. But this latest occurence, for me, totally underscores the need for us to develop other, less environmentally invasive means of energy. Time to put our time and money into research and development of safer, cleaner means of energy.  Time for less rhetoric and more action. Will that time come? It amazes me that there are those, in the face of a tragedy like this, who are still  interested in not dealing with the issues. That's a whole other matter...... One that I would LOVE to get in to..... but not here...... I'll only close with this.... If you gain nothing else from my blog.... Take the time to educate yourself about what is going on around you, about who is voting for what on your behalf and make yourself heard. Hold your elected officials accountable to what you believe to be right. Your opinion is important and it should count. 

 For more info. on the environmental impacts: Here is link to a file by US Fish and Wildlife Service....

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