Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pond of Enchantment

I recently curated a Treasury and found these 'Fantastical' finds on the pages of Etsy...... Enjoy the stunning creativity of these shoppe owners.....  Their offerings take me to the serene banks of a Pond of Enchantment..... the beauty of wandering around a lovely pond on a crisp spring morning......

Sunlit Crest Hair Accessory by An adornment for someone special.....

This amazing art piece is a wood burned gourd bowl. Rustic Pond Bowl found at the shoppe of  

Richly colored digital photo collage from original photography!
 Kona Kurry 8x10 Print  at

Lily Pond 11 x 14 Photograph by       Serenity at it's finest! 

Long and Leafy Scarf intricately crafted by

Lovingly stitched, fabulously textured Lil Fishes Art Quilt at

Custom  made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle , Frog and Fairy, from "Little Green Road to Fairyland," 1922.

Lily Pad 8x10 Fine Art Photograph  that so stunningly depicts the reflective beauty of a pond and the treasures that can be discovered there.......

Victorian Beauty in a Pond of Lilies Pendant at the shoppe of 
Gorgeous findings at this shoppe!!  

Clay Pillow shaped Flower Vase..... How novel!!  I love it!

Original Watercolored Water Lily 12 x 9 Print at     Beautifully done!

 Storage never looked so beautiful as in this Birds of a Feather Dresser Box........ from

Spring Dawn Koi Pond Serving Bowl  from  Serves up functionality with fantastic flair!!

Find these darling Mini Decoy Ducks at

Pink Peace Flower Tie Dye Shirt from satisfies the hippie earth mother in me...... as shoppe owner, Rachel says....'you'll be happy as a hippie in a meadow filled with wildflowers.' Couldn't have said it better myself!!

Peace, Love, and Serenity at a Pond near you this Spring!! :) 


jamfiescreations1 said...

Such beautiful items, I love them all.

Audrey said...

LOVE the t-shirt!!
You changed your background - it's wonderful!!

Audrey said...

Hi Kirsten,

As always, a beautiful blog post!
I love the pond in the lead picture. Hope it's a place you enjoy. Lovely and serene feature picks.
Happy Earth Day!


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Beautiful finds! Have a great weekend!


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