Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping Warm and Cozy:With Trofie al Pesto

Back to the kitchen for another 'Winter into Spring 'comfort meal. This time we'll make Trofie al Pesto. I had purchased Trofie from an Italian specialty shop years ago, not really knowing what to do with that kind of Italian pasta. Nevertheless, I was intrigued. I did some searching online and discovered the charming origin of Trofie: It dates back to the end of the 1800s, when the housewives of the Recco region in Italy would make pasta. They would roll their hands together to remove the residual pasta and small curls of pasta would drop. Not wanting to waste anything, they would use the small curls in their cooking, and the small pasta curls came to be known as Trofie. They are traditionally served with Pesto and here is a marvelous recipe I found. It has become a favorite recipe of ours, as we are lovers of Garlic and Basil! :

                                               Trofie al Pesto

Bring your Pesto to room temperature while you are cooking the rest of your ingredients.

Scrub 3-4 Red Potatos in their jackets and steam in a covered steamer.   

Place water on to boil for your pasta. I very lightly salt the water. And I stress VERY lightly. As a nurse, I try to practice what I preach ;)  I allot enough water to cook about 1/2 lb. of Pasta.

Rinse and chop fresh Green Beans to desired length. I chop mine to about 1.5 inches.

In a small saucepan, cook the Green Beans to desired tenderness.

When your pot of water is at a rolling boil, add the Trofie Pasta and cook to desired tenderness. Again, I usually make about 1/2 lb of pasta, this yields enough for dinner for two and I generally have some left over.

Your potatos are tender and done when you can stand a fork in them.

Carefully (They're hot!) chop your red potato with a knife and fork, into small cubes and add to a large bowl.  

When your green beans are cooked to desired tenderness, drain them and add to the large bowl with the potatos.

When the pasta is at your desired tenderness, drain and add to the bowl with the potatos and green beans. Add Pesto to the bowl.
( I buy my Pesto already prepared at the grocery  But if it'summer and you have lots of lovely fresh Basil, Pine Nuts, fresh Garlic and Parm, ! and you're ambitious!! By all means make your own Pesto ahead of time! )
Toss everything!! I hope you enjoy this! It's a pretty easy little recipe........
You're all ready to have a lovely meal! Gustare la vostra cena !!


zsazsazsu said...

Thank you for showing this recipe ! We are all fans of pasta. But haven't tried the trofie ! So I will certainly make this too one day. Yummy

Hazydaisy said...

This looks and sound delicious! Beautiful photos too, your blog is a treat!

Kirsten said...

Thanks much! I hope you enjoy trying this.....something different..... :)


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