Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Grown Decor

How fun is this??! I love my home and I love to decorate! I'm always making, sewing or buying something to make things pretty for us! I'm that bird who is always primping her nest! I thought it would be fun to search around Etsy for items that I would want to decorate with......there is so much talent out there......

 Stole My Heart Painting by

So vibrant and happy! I can't imagine sustaining a bad mood with this hanging on the wall! Love it!!                            
                                                                                                           Glossy  Copper Red Vase  at    

                     In  a word....stunning!

Love this little pair.... So darling! They are whimsical and a great pairing for the pretty bird in the painting..... a way to pull an element from out of the artwork. I'd sit them at the base of the vase.

Maybe add a few flowers in the vase with lovely silk greenery, some dried grasses......

So sweet, aren't they? They are Eco friendly and handmade by

I'd like to put them on this little table

I love the Rustic simplicity of this table, and yet the design is so out of the ordinary. Nothing nondescript about it. 

I've pledged to go handmade....... so, I'll be filling my nest with Home Grown Decor going forward!! I hope you do too!


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I am honored to be featured on your blog!! Thank you so much! I do hope all of your readers enjoy Stole My Heart!I am glad you love it!

Audrey said...

I LOVE this article! and your blog!!!


Sarah said...

I think that's a great decorating resolution. Hopefully I'll move into my first house this coming year, and I'm also hoping to give it personality with handmade items. I think those two little birdies would look good in my hypothetical future house, thanks for bringing them to my attention!

Kirsten said...

Thanks very much.... I look forward to seeing more beautiful work from you!! Sarah, best wishes to you in establishing yourself in a new home! That's wonderful! This is a great time for first time home buyers.... many wonderful years of decorating to everyone! Indie Style !! :)


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