Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Love Grows Quite Happily!!

I hope that all of you have a beautiful day with your loved ones! Special thanks go out to Lynda, whose blog I follow to enjoy the beauty and fascination of her life in Tanzania!! By all means, do check out her blog....  She is an incredible person...and her blog is just wonderful! I surprised my husband with Valentine's Day Breakfast in bed and I baked marvelous Strawberry Jam biscuits.  Lynda shared the recipe for them on her blog. They are soft, buttery decadence with bits of fruit baked right into the biscuit!! The joys of fruit!

And the joys of blogging.!! ...I got in to blogging to meet and network with fellow Etsians, and I'm finding that it is so much more than I ever imagined! What a gift to be able to share each other's lives and creativity across the miles. To support and encourage the beauty that grows in all of us! 

                                                        Hugs and  Kisses!                         


Audrey said...

Aren't you just the sweetest wife! We were gone for the weekend - so I was quite happy to go out to eat on Valentine's day. Hubby's birthday is on Thurs - guess I'll cook his favorite meal for supper :)

SleightGirl said...

Neat! I'll have to go and check out her blog.

jane said...

i think those are the prettiest cookies. thanks for visiting! and your shop is lovely! besos-jane


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