Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kindness Runs Deep Along With an Oasis of Warmth

Happy Sunday! Today, I just wanted to take time to send out little blog hugs to a few of the many wonderful ladies who have been so kind and supportive of me since I opened my Etsy shop and began blogging. First on my list is Karin Grow....the very first Etsian to convo me with greetings and well wishes. A sweet person and a marvelous Artist! Her paintings are just glorious!... I love the Chickadees she paints. They are so darling! And I love what, in my view, is a kind of South Pacific charm she brings to her work. Karin is celebrating two years as an Etsy seller!!

Check out her shop here:
And by all means, stop by her blog- It is awesome watching her creative process unfold there.

Next , I would like to acknowledge Diane Miller of TheShutterbugEye. She extended a helping hand to me right from the start. A stellar, very dear person. And a wonderfully talented photographer! She takes lovely, inspiring nature shots.  Diane's  Etsy shop is here:

Check this out! Simply beautiful!  Diane's blog is

Another lovely person I have met in my new endeavors is Nancy Schindler, aka RoundRabbit on Etsy. Nancy creates beautiful handcrafted porcelain jewelry. Stunning, and distinct style !! Everything she creates is with the utmost in thought and care. You can visit Nancy's shop here:

Is her work not gorgeous?? And her blog is clever, creative, and fun- a must follow!! Check out Nancy's blog here: 

Last but not least! My little oasis of warmth and kindness from way up north! Audrey, of AudreysCountry Crafts- An absolute sweetheart !! I am amazed at how caring and supportive she is of other sellers and bloggers! And when she isn't helping others,  Audrey creates and sells handcrafted and handpainted items in her shop.

Audrey's blog very often features other sellers. And her posts are always entertaining and fun to read. Love her!!  Join her at

May the week ahead bring a flood of fabulously creative ideas to your 'stream' of consciousness.  Jump right in! The water is warm!! :)


Round Rabbit said...

An oasis of warmth, indeed, on this freezing NY morning! What a nice surprise to wake up to! Thanks so much Kristen, your sweet words have already made my day. :)

trusk4u said...

That's really wonderful of you to acknowledge the people who have helped you. Too many people under estimate the power of "Thank you!"
Kudos to you!

Kirsten said...

So glad Nancy! and Thank you Teresa for extending your friendship to me as well! I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Audrey said...

LOVE the picture at the top! Thanks so much for all the lovely things you said about my shop, blog and me :) You are way to kind!
I have something for you on my blog too!
Have a great week!!

Pretty Things said...

I looooove RoundRabbit's work (and yours!)

Maria said...

Hi Kirsten, thanks for coming to my blog and saying hi! :) I love the garden things you have going on here; I love gardening as well, and I love art. Well, heck, I love LIFE! :)



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