Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Celebration of So-Called Weeds

Ha!! No my title isn’t a typo…..You would think that a garden enthusiast would be adverse to weeds….. But…. it’s about something that I have incorporated into my approach to life. I like to view my life as a glorious ever changing, ever growing garden. And one thing that I have learned in my years of ‘gardening’ is that even the so-called weeds of life have distinct value and can be every bit as beautiful as anything else you might encounter along life’s way. Would it surprise anyone to know that some of the ‘garden’ motif that I have shot my Etsy shop pics with are actually weeds? Truly……..

My point is that you can find beauty and value in everything , in every place and in everyone. All it takes is to stop along life’s path and be certain to take a closer look at the people and places and things that you encounter. It enriches your life to pay attention to the so-called weeds….because they really aren’t weeds after all… They are so much more…and so important to living a wonderful life in tune with what is around you.


Lindsy Floyd said...

When I lived in Hawaii, I remember a weed, ak'a'he (like ok-ah-heh). It's not really a weed, but because of all of the 'beautiful' (invasive) flora, it's considered a weed because it's flowers are brown.

I had some in my garden, and I remember a neighbor coming by and mentioning that I should pull it out. But I loved it, beautiful brown flowers and all.

Kirsten said...

Very cool Lindsy!..... We have great weeds here in Florida!!.... and when we lived in Virginia, we used to have huge scotch brooms in our yard with gorgeous rose colored flowers. I planted alot of them...Hard to believe it is considered an invasive weed in some locales.


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