Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creativity- Bridging the Gap Between Ourselves and What Inspires Us

I surely hope that it has been a weekend of whatever you had hoped it to be!!..... fun, relaxation, adventure, accomplishment...... Whatever the case, we all need our time of being away from the agendas of others with time to ourselves. :)

We all need time to enjoy the activities that make us happy. And beyond that, we also need to just have that  'Amen' or 'Aum' they speak of in Religion.... For me it is the time that I take to be introspective and renew that sense of self, and creativity within myself...that time I take to better understand what drives my creative self.

It has been a busy time for me lately. Not just time spent on my Etsy shop, or creative pursuits for that matter. But my day job has required long hours of overtime. Lots of work to be done. Nevertheless, I don't really mind. My approach to work has always been that I need to feel that I'm giving it my all and that I'm performing to the utmost. And, of course, I totally enjoy any time I spend on making my jewelry.  And I have been working on an embroidery project that I designed, as well as doing photographic research for a group of paintings that I'm planning! So work wise, and art-wise..... I've got it covered!

This weekend was my time to just back away from work and back off the art projects and just relax and enjoy myself.....In my travels, I happened on the Suncoast Arts Fest, and had a wonderfully inspiring time walking around enjoying  the fabulous creativity of the participating Artists. I spent some time watching a few beautiful Indie films, with inspiring stories. And I spent time enjoying the nature that speaks to me and pervades most everything that I do.

As I was driving around, I noticed the deciduous trees we have in Florida. The extremely cold snaps of weather that we have had really did a number on their foliage. Many are standing bare this year. Other more mild years they might have retained some of their foliage. But it got me to thinking of that need for renewal that we all have. And yes, even the trees, I imagine are driven by nature to renew. To shed some of the old in Autumn and Winter, and create some of the new when their tender buds and leaves emerge. It's their 'Amen' or 'Aum' time that will lead them to a dazzling display of beauty once their renewal is manifested.

It is our creativity that bridges the gap between ourselves and what inspires us. Here's to inspiration and renewal ... on our path to creativity! I hope that your path leads you to a dazzling display of beauty! Make it a great week!


Jayde said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! Your jewelry looks lovely and I look forward to seeing the paintings you spoke of.

Mortira said...

I call days like that 'strike' days. Once in awhile, it's great to put off everything that feels like work and just merge with the universe...or a good book! Strolling through an art fair sounds like an awesome way to spend the weekend!

Audrey said...

I had a great weekend! It was extended by two days because of a blizzard. But everything ended late monday, the roads were cleared yesterday, so life is apparently back to normal :)
It's nice to have a good blizzard, stay home, catch up on the little things once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I found you via SITS Saturday post. You make beautiful jewelry! Going to check some more of it out now.

Pretty Things said...

It's great to take time off to recharge, and do things that have nothing to do with our normal creative life. There are all types of creativity!

Kirsten said...

So true! We all need our down time to just enjoy and experience the things that inspire us. Welcome ladies! Glad to have you stop by! :)

elizabethrosasjewelry said...

wonderful words, we really are great community of support and understanding...even though most of us have never met offline. Isn't that amazing, through art and creativity we all get along, we all care.


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