Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year’s End, New Beginning

Reflecting back on this past year and realizing that we are almost at year’s end…… I find myself feeling very happy with where this past year has taken me. Particularly since I find myself at the beginning of a renewed sense of who I am and what brings happiness to my life. I so totally admire all of the talented people I have been meeting in my travels as a new Etsian. Especially the young Artists who have so much belief in themselves and their creative abilities. They are pursuing their dream of living an Artist’s life, like a flower that opens when it sees the light. They are an inspiration to me. I’m a late bloomer, so to speak…….It has taken me a long time to come out of the dark, and believe in my abilities. But, perhaps since my roots are well established, with a little nurturing, I’ll grow to my greatest potential. I’m finally seeing the light, and I’m bloomin’ betting on me! The sunset always leads to a new sunrise……

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