Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Celebrated Mrs.Crane

Sandford and Hillary Crane paid a visit the other afternoon. Her feathers were pretty well ruffled over something. I'm guessing that perhaps she was a tad anxious over all the Christmas preparation. Probably wants Sandford to get her a little GardenVibe bling for the holiday- so she was letting him know in no uncertain terms! ;) Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to see them. So very inspiring to see how they partner with each other, even though they bicker from time to time. The love IS there!

In honor of my feathered friends I created a lovely Bracelet set, that I have posted in my Etsy shoppe ......

Maybe that will get Sandford off his tail to get his girl something pretty for Christmas. :)  She gets a little fiesty sometimes, but she's still soooo worth it!!

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Karin Grow said...

Hey Kirsten, Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It sucks to be ripped off, but it's all taken care of now.

By the way, these cranes are so amazing! I'd love to have them visit my yard for a day so I could paint them. Take care, Karin


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