Saturday, November 14, 2009

Perspective in the Garden of Living

This morning I checked my e-mail and was led to a blog that perfectly framed for me the importance of all of us growing to our greatest potential in the ' Garden' that we are planted in. I have been doing a little bit of marketing to get my shoppe on Etsy going. Believe me when I say that I am not really a business woman at the core of me, so I have not relished having to upload pictures to websites and perpetually describe my craft so that my shoppe can take root. I'm an RN by day and I like to think a nurturing person. I have loved caring for other people in my years as a nurse. Watching them return to wellness and the way they would look at me after I cared for them, was way beyond any paycheck I ever earned. I signed on with LinkReferral to network with other Artisans such as myself. And this morning I reached the blog of a woman who is battling advanced Ovarian Cancer. Her blog is the raw detailing of what I have shared with so many of my patients. And I would encourage anyone who is not adverse to a raw detailing of what it is to battle cancer to visit her blog- ShoppingKharma.blogspot. A warning that her content is not for everyone, and there are some things in her blog which might not be acceptable to everyone. But, nevertheless, a huge reminder to me to maintain my perspective on what is really important as I pursue this dream of mine that I had let go of so many years ago. And so, as I go forward with my endeavor to be true to the artist in me, my blog will be more about living. Less about selling . More about the things that bring happiness to my life, like hugging my husband, gardening and smelling the flowers I've grown; baking and enjoying the taste amd scent of what I made; sewing , drawing, and yes, crafting and enjoying the loveliness that creativity brings. And I will also enjoy to the fullest the remarkable people that I am meeting in my travels as I market my shop. Bloom where you are planted. Words were never more true.     

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