Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sewing the seeds

Worked on two new necklaces last evening. I have a number of necklaces made to launch my Etsy shop that are all inspired by something that I have either seen or experienced in my life's travels. The idea of someone else purchasing one of my creations is exciting, but the idea of someone else connecting with the vibe or essence of the necklace is almost beyond words for me...Creating for me is like being able to speak from my soul......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Budding Blog

This blog is my GardenVibe, if you will.... and our place to celebrate beautiful things... in nature, in our gardens and about ourselves that keep us inspired and hopeful in life. I have spent many hours roaming outdoors with my sketch pads, hiking forests, walking beaches, planting and growing my garden. So much happiness has been derived from the simple smell of flowers, spicy fall leaves, fresh rain; the sweet/tart taste of fruit, the earthiness of nuts; the foamy feel of ocean waves tickling my feet, sand between my toes, silkiness of flower petals and leaves. These activities have brought such joy to me over the years. It was much easier finding the time when I was a young girl. Now I am a wife, mother, and nurse. And though I am pleased and proud to be these things for other people who matter so greatly in my life, I've promised myself that I will always be true to the part of myself that also brings me joy-Artist, Gardener, Nature-lover. And my hope is to share that joy with you.......and for you to share your joy and your own personal life's garden with me.


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